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Maria Custom Portrait.jpg
Maria Custom Portrait.jpg
I take commission for custom families and pets portraits. Price starts from £15 for a postcard size painting. For updates in pop-up markets and craft fairs I attend in the future, please visit my Social Media page. I am also available for hire at private events such as birthday parties, weddings, corporate events, illustrator visit at schools and libraries etc.

For enquiries or to order portraits, please contact me:

I also sell custom portraits via Etsy:

Maria Custom Portrait.jpg
Maria Custom Portrait.jpg
Maria Custom Portrait.jpg
Maria Custom Portrait.jpg
Custom Portraits FAQ

I don't think I can pose in front of you. Can you paint me based on photographs?
Absolutely. These days most people prefer this way. Please make sure the photos are clear and uncropped with good lighting. Multiple photos of each individuals work best.

Can you paint from separate photos?
Yes. I'm able to use multiple photos for reference and combine them into one portrait.

What sizes do you offer and how much?

I offer postcard size, A5, A4 and A3. The price for a portrait without background starts from £15 and with background starts from £25, excluding shipping cost.

Can I include animals or pets in the portrait?
Of course! They are part of our family too. So definitely yes!

What materials do you use?

I use pencils, drawing pens and watercolour paint. I occasionally use colour pencils for small details.

Can I hire you for an event and how much do you charge?
I am available to hire for private events such as birthdays, weddings, etc.
There is an introductory offer until the end of 2024 for £120 per hour (minimum 3 hours hire).
This not includes fuel/transport fee for venues more than 20 miles from Central Milton Keynes and accommodation if really needed.
Where are you based and do you travel for events outside your area?
I am based in Milton Keynes and yes, I travel for events outside Milton Keynes area.

How far advance should I book you for my event?

To be safe, ideally 6 months before. There is a £50 deposit to secure the date.

How fast can you paint a portrait?
For a postcard size portrait, I takes me anywhere between 5 - 10 minutes, depending the number of people and details.

How does custom portrait at private events work?
There are two options. Option A is to paint as it goes. I will stay for the agreed hours and paint your guests who would like a to get a portrait done. They can either pose in front of me or let me take their photos for painting references.
Option B is ticketed system. I prepare a set of numbered tickets and take pictures of the guests with my tablet/phone on arrival (they exchange their tickets at this point). Guests can collect their portraits when they leave by matching the numbers on their tickets. 

I would like to hire you to make portraits at a private event. Is there any requirements from you?
I will need the following:
  • A sturdy table (4ft is ideal) and 2 chairs. If you prefer, it can be covered with a table cloth or lightly decorated to match your theme.
  • Sheltered location, such as under a gazebo / awning (for outdoor events)
  • Good lighting for my table or well-lit room. I can bring portable table lights with me, in case I need them.
I'm looking for an illustrator for my self-published children's book. Can I hire you?
Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately I'm unable to illustrate self-published books.

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